Romany language

Romany language
• romština

English-Czech dictionary. 2013.

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  • Romany language — Indo Aryan language of the Roma (see Rom), spoken in many countries of the world, with its greatest concentration of speakers in eastern Europe. Romany is believed to have separated from the northern Indian languages с AD 1000. Its dialects,… …   Universalium

  • Romany language standardization — There are independent groups currently working toward standardizing the Romany language, including groups in Romania, Serbia, the USA, and Sweden.Where it is being pursuedA standardized form of Romany is used in Serbia. In Serbia s autonomous… …   Wikipedia

  • Vlax Romany language — language familycolor=Indo European name=Vlax Romany nativename= states=Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Albania, Colombia, Hungary and 21 other states worldwide speakers=1.5 million fam2=Indo Iranian fam3=Indo Aryan fam4=Central Zone fam5=Romany… …   Wikipedia

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  • Serbian Romany language — The Serbian Romany language (ISO 639 3/SIL code: rsb ) is the mixed language of Serbian (a South Slavic language) and Romany (an Indo Aryan language). It is spoken by the Roma people in Serbia. In October 2005 the first text on the grammar of the …   Wikipedia

  • Balkan Romany language — Balkan Romany is a classification of the Romany languages as spoken on the Balkan peninsula, in Southeast Europe. Spoken in:Albania, Greece, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Republic of Macedonia, Romania; parts of Turkey and UkraineForms*Serbo… …   Wikipedia

  • Baltic Romany language — Baltic Romany or Baltic Romani is a Romany language in Poland, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania and other countries. The ISO 639 3 code is rml.Most speakers are Roman Catholics. The number of Baltic Romany speakers is about 60,000. 30,000 speakers live …   Wikipedia

  • Romany — (or Romani) relates or may refer to:*The Roma people, also known as Gypsies *Romany language, the language of the Roma * Romany , the pseudonym of a broadcaster and writer of Roma descent, George Bramwell Evens * Romany (album), an album by The… …   Wikipedia

  • Romany writing systems — The Romany language has for most of its history been an entirely oral language, with no written form in common use. Although the first example of written Romany dates from 1542 wikiref | id= Matras 2002 | text= Matras 2002 it is not until the… …   Wikipedia

  • Romany — n. & adj. n. (pl. ies) 1 a Gypsy. 2 the Indo European language of the Gypsies. adj. 1 of or concerning Gypsies. 2 of the Romany language. Etymology: Romany Romani fem. and pl. of Romano (adj.) (ROM) …   Useful english dictionary

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